Medieval, Bal Folk  and  Original  Compositions

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Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant

Steve Tyler & Katy Marchant play an original and eclectic mix of music drawn from medieval & traditional sources along with their own compositions.


Their performances combine ancient songs from as far back as the 12th century with folk music from Britain and Europe along with their own newly composed dance tunes. Their concerts feature an array of exquisitely played exotic instruments including hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, shawm, gothic harp, cittern, percussion and vocals.


They have delighted audiences throughout Britain, Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Holland, Switzerland and Germany.


“An exceptional concert; full of interest, surprises, and ravishing harmony.” Frank Lee


"Steve Tyler is blessed with virtuosic technique and imagination. He is amongst the best hurdy gurdy players on the European scene."

Paul James, Blowzabella, CEO Halsway Manor


“The most haunting music I've heard in a long gets right under my skin” (Sidmouth)


"I really enjoyed your concert particularly the beautiful medieval pieces and your vocal improvisation hitting that top F so unusual, keep it up!!

Maddy Prior

Katy Marchant shawm

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Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant